The benefits of having ” two rooms”.

Bijuu started in 2013 with one room.


501 suite room / 114㎡(1226sq.ft.)


And last year, we opened second room.


301 deluxe room / 68㎡(731sq.ft.)


This is makes a small scaled hotel with two rooms in total. This is why we want to take advantage of “The benefits of having two rooms.”


One of them is breakfast. Our main breakfast is Japanese meal with assorted seasonal Tsukemono (Pickled vegetables) from Murakamijyuhonten.




This is our assorted seasonal Tsukemono now.


Depending on your tastes, we can also prepare a Western breakfast.  There are many delicious bakery in Kyoto, so the bread is different each day.




Basically we prepare these two types of breakfast, but we can accommodate requests due to food allergies.

For example, this is the no gluten breakfast.



Please let us know in advance for us to prepare.


We also take pride in the fact that we serve different meals for those who stay several days. Furtherer, guests are free to decide their own breakfast times, we will ask you the day before. We will bring your breakfast on a cart to your room.


This is “The benefits of having  two rooms.”