Our wine selection at bijuu

Almost the sakura season is about to come,

ofcourse you can bring out our wine by the river side to enjoy as well.


We would like to introduce our wine selection ,exclusively selected by Mr Egami from ethelvine wine shop in Kyoto.


Florian Beck Hartweg / Crémant d’Alsace Brut ¥3,520

excellent sparkling wine for aperitif, goes good with oyster and sushi.

Elegant and fruity,deep aroma feeling.


Moutardier / Brut Carte D’or NV ¥5,670

proper champagne,you can enjoy from aperitif to main course.


Benoit Lahaye / Naturessence NV ¥10,935

Benoit Lahore is a creator who is passionate about natural brewing and cultivation.

Floral and full body extra brut.



Meroi / Nestri 2010 ¥3,690

Friuli region,red wine . famous merchant who is the most seasonal producer who leads the Italian · Friuli wine scene . While the first impression is compact, a charming fragrance gradually opens.


Fond Cyprés /Le Blanc des Garennes 2011 ¥5,100

White wine,Featuring a soft mineral feel and elegant fruit taste.


ethelvine wine shop is located at the east side of kyoto,okazaki.


Ethelvine is a new wine specialist in Kyoto that many restaurants and bars have come to rely on for selecting the best bottle for each occasion and purpose.  The owner is very knowledgeable about wine so any discussion with him is another attraction of this shop.  Ethelvine is truly the place for wine lovers.

ethelvine wine shop
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