Tales like these

It’s about to start rainy season in Japan.

Both lovely Sun and rain show up by turns, since the weather is really changeable today.


Here we’ve got a news from our guests in Northern Europe. This brilliant clip will make you feel like staying at Bijuu.


Tales Like These

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The video is on the travel guide website launched on May, by a lovely couple in Northern Europe who formerly worked at Google. They’ve already got huge fans all over the world even though the project is in progress before their full startup. This must be a great opportunity for us to let you know about Bijuu.

Here is a travel review of Bijuu >>>>

They introduced our residence with beautiful photos capturing each moment they had.


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Now I came to realize, that this is the first time for us to have the room shoot by a female photographer. All pictures deliver warm feelings for us.





These elegant pictures will be presented to you for several times on our blog articles coming up. Their reviews, including other travel spots, are surely reliable and high quality because Elin and Oliver are very enthusiastic throughout interview. Moreover they are really charming and heartwarming person I’ve ever met. Thank you so much both of you Elin and Oliver! Absolutely ‘tales like these’ is gonna give you the best tips for your travel.


All photos : Elin Johnsson Echávarry for photos and Oliver Adan Nyrop-Larsen as the model