Upcoming SAKE Spring Festival in Kyoto


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As the spring has come to Kyoto and cherry blossoms had their climax, it is about time to think about the summer. Although it may seem that there is not much to enjoy in the city after such uplifting spring until the summer, Kyoto still has a load to let you experience a unique time!


SAKE Spring – an event designed to discover new possibilities of SAKE – is going to take place in Kyoto this year again. Last year, approximately 50,000 people participated in this festival.


What makes it special this time is that participants can just walk and drink around in the traditional streets of 木屋町(Kiyamachi) and 先斗町 (Ponto-cho) savouring various SAKE from all over Japan.


From Aomori prefecture, the second northernmost of Japan, to Yamaguchi prefecture, the southernmost of the main continent, about 50 sorts of Sake are to be gathered by select Sake breweries.


From our Kyoto, several of the most historical and household-named breweries are going to offer their sophisticated, sublime sakes. Furthermore, Asahishuzo who is known for Dassai and WKAZE that invented ORBIA are also taking part in this festival.


WORLD, a stage show, that will let you experience the folk entertainments of some regions of Japan is going to be held as well. Anyone interested can enter Sake Spring Nodojiman (Karaoki competition) free of charge.


This festival will be enjoyable regardless of whether or not you love sake. Why don’t you drop by if you want to experience some local culture as well as to have a nice and cosy stroll in the traditional district of Kyoto?


■Date: 25th and 26th May, 2019.

■Open: 12:00 – 17:00.

■Venue: Club World Kyoto, the restaurants of Kiyamachi and of Ponto-cho.

■Tickets: Early-bird tickets 3,000 JPY, Same-day tickets 4,000 JPY.