Cherry blossom, sakura season is about to come,,,

It is still cold winter in Kyoto too,

but inside the soil, spring wild grasses and flowers are preparing to bloom.

In Japan we divide our season into 24 seasons, which is now DAIKAN,said to be the coldest season of the year.

After DAIKAN,from February 4th,comes RISHUN,which will become spring.

Each year, we could see Sakura from our guest rooms.

In front of our hotel, we have small river,Takase river.

And the famous Kamo river is just 3 minutes away.

It would be such a good walk in theses seasons to walk along the river.

The sakura pedals flies high in the wind and floats in the river, such a poetic scenery.

Now the cherry blossom season for this year’s said that would be around,28th of March.

Hope you won’t miss this time of Kyoto.