About Bijuu

What we offer at Bijuu is a space where you feel like its your second home in Kyoto. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful stay in a beautiful space. We can a prepare a room full of specialty items, right down to the details.





On the other hand, at Bijuu, there is no such thing as too much service. There is no 24 hour service. Our reception desk hours are from 9 AM to 7 PM. The time after 7PM is completely your private time.

To that end, we wish to a prepare a room individual to each guest, and so we value the communications we have with guests before they arrive. After confirming the best check-in time, we will prepare the perfect room in waiting.


*Although we do not have 24 hour service, we have prepared an emergency call and emergency response system. Please be assured.
*When there are compelling reasons, we can attend to matters out of hours.