Bijuu and Tsukemono


About 90 Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) makers are said to exist in Kyoto.

The owner company of Bijuu, Murakamijuu-Honten is also one of these.




The trademark of the company is a cross in a circle.

This is an ancient feudal symbol mark of Satsuma (old name of Kagoshima pref.) domain.

Murakamijuu-Honten once presented the pickles to the lord of Satsuma, and he liked it so much that he permitted the company to use the mark.

That’s why this trademark represents the store. The story tells the precious history of our company.



It’s a frequently asked question: Why did a pickles maker start a hotel?

Murakamijuu-Honten is always seeking for another step. Even though we hold about 50 kinds of pickles on the line-up nowadays, the company began only with Senmaizuke (thin sliced Japanese radish pickles).

Experiences of challenges for the changing times, made the present Murakamijuu-Honten.



Tsukemono experts are always watching every single condition carefully and adjust things day by day.

There’s no fixed recipe for adding salt, seasoning, or pressure.




However there is one unchangeable little policy called `care`.

If we bring this concept into another field, how will it be?

Our answer was Bijuu, this private residence hotel.


At Bijuu, after running through the days since last autumn, we decided to put the proudly made Tsukemono on our main dish of breakfast meal.

It might be a great opportunity to let everyone know how the Kyoto pickles taste, though it was challenging for Bijuu where half of guests were foreigners.

As a result, we had received a lot of positive feedbacks and it became one of our iconic service.

*Of course we have Western style breakfast as well.

Your breakfast will be delivered to your room on requested time.




We cannot appreciate it more, if you get interested in the world of Japanese pickles through our service.

Tsukemono experts are always diligently working on it.